Cats and Babies: How to Help a Cat and Baby Co-exist

cats and babies

How to help cats and babies get along

Introducing cats to babies can be unsettling to feline members of the family, particularly if they like their routine. It may take some time for them to adjust to the changes in the household; however, with a little preparation, and by following some basic precautions, it shouldn’t take long before your cat and baby are good friends!

Preparing your Cat for the upcoming Arrival

  • Get the cat used to out of bounds areas of the house, such as the nursery.

  • Ensure the cat doesn’t take a liking to any of baby’s items, such as cots or prams.

  • Establish any new routines well before baby arrives, for example, if your cat will no longer be sleeping on your bed.

Basic Precautions When You Have a Cat and Baby

  • Also, use anti-bacterial cleaner on surfaces where you prepare baby milk or food. Cats can walk across many surfaces and can introduce a variety of bacterias.

  • If your cat shows an interest in the baby cot or crib you might want to consider placing a net across it. It’s rare, but some cats have suffocated babies by going to sleep over their mouths.

  • Keep nappy bins well away from cat’s reach. Unfortunately, they can be curious despite the smell.

  • Never ever leave cat and baby unattended!

  • Ensure that you regularly de-worm, de-flea, and de-tick your cat, but check which are safest with little people in the house.

  • Move food dishes and litter trays out of reach of little people.

Tips for Helping Cats and Babies Get Along

  • Treat your cat exactly the same as before baby arrived. Don’t fuss (any more than you did previously) and try to include it where possible. It is part of the family and doesn’t want to feel left out.

  • Keep your cat’s claws trimmed just in case he or she takes a swipe at the baby. If you don’t like cutting claws you can get plastic caps which glue over the claws.

  • Take all necessary precautions to ensure that baby is safe. This means that your cat cannot get into the nursery while the baby is sleeping, and baby and cat are never left alone.

Your cat is a member of your family and will want to feel included in the excitement of a new baby. Allow your cat to watch and observe the new baby, he or she will likely be very fascinated, but remember that all animals can be unpredictable in behaviour. Cats love a warm place to go to sleep, and baby’s cot and pram can seem ideal to them; so take the necessary precautions such as closing doors or using nets.

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