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Best Cat Bed For 2020 : Find Your Cats Purrfect Bed

Cats always appear to live a lavish life style even though they spend a lot of time asleep. Purchasing the best cat bed will ensure your cat lives the royal lifestyle it deserves. Your choice will have a great affect on your cat’s overall comfort and life so it needs careful consideration.

Here at catly we feel the best cat beds are the ones that provide shelter allowing the cat to feel safe and secure. For example, Igloo cat beds give them shelter from noises, and offers a sense of security and their own space.

How Do I Choose The Best Cat Bed?

Unlike dogs, who will sleep anywhere, cats can be quite stubborn fussy creatures. However, with all the designs of beds out there you need to make sure your cat is going to love its new cat bed.

Its a well known fact that cats love a decent sleep. Cats will sleep as much as 16 hours a day just dozing so the bed must be the best!

When choosing your cats new bed, you need to choose on one that suits your pet and its lifestyle. In other words only you know what your cat likes and what environment it prefers. If it always looks for somewhere warm to sleep then a heated cat bed is probably a good choice.

For example does your cat sleep on top of a wardrobe? Then you have a cat that loves a good view of its kingdom. Therefore an elevated cat bed would be a great choice for your feline friend. These can come in many styles and often have more than one sleeping pod.

What Are The Different Types Of Cat Beds available?

Huge competition means cat beds come in loads of shapes and sizes with various pros and cons. Catly will pick out some of the most popular styles to give you an overview.

The Igloo Cat Bed

Igloo Cat Beds are increasing in popularity and are certainly a contender in the cat bed world. Consequently, they offer your cat a safe, secure and personal space that an open bed cant compete with.

The majority of the Igloo Cat Beds come in a pod design with a small entrance hole. The interior surfaces are usually a soft snug faux fur style material to make it warm and cosy.

Cat igloo beds can also be called cave cat beds or pod cat beds. They are in principal the same idea just with a different name. We prefer the Igloo name or pod name as “cave” seems a bit scary!

Igloo Cat Beds can also be found as elevated cat beds, perhaps on the top of a cat scratching post as an all in one solution for a cat bed and cat activity center.

The Heated Cat Bed

Heated cat beds come in a variety of options that offer an extra snug sleeping arrangement.

There are electric plug in ones that warm a heating mat inside the base of the bed. Perhaps you aren’t convinced about the safety or cost leaving your cats bed plugged in all day and night.

An alternative is the removable microwaveable heating pad, place the pad in the microwave for a couple of minutes and you get a good few hours heat from it. This is a very safe option and will mean you don’t need to worry about any electricity issues!

Probably one of the oldest simplest heated bed is the radiator bed for cats. Simply clip the basket to your radiator and it will absorb heat from the radiator. Probably the most efficient bed if you already have your heating on to warm you house.

All of the above offer warmth and are ideal for keeping your cat warm. The radiator bed will probably not be useful in the summer months when you are not using your heating.

There is always the option of buying a heater for your cats existing bed to convert it to a heated bed. This is useful if you already have a really good bed that you want to upgrade with out the expensive of a new one.

The Donut Cat Bed

Donut cat beds have raised sides with soft fluffy lining it allows the cat to sleep deep inside the donut. Kind of like an open topped ‘igloo cat bed’ the donut bed allows a full field of view.

What Makes A Good Cat Bed?

Internal Lining

The first deciding factor for a bed for your cat should be the material that the lining is made from. As you know cats are very fussy and will want the softest most luxurious bed going. Get them something plain and boring and they wont want to sleep in it, and it will take a while before they forgive you.

The most popular materials used to create comfort for sleeping are faux fur and fleece, potentially mimicking the cats mother from when they were kittens.

Overall size

Most cats wont show any interest in a bed that’s too big. Cat owners know that cats love being in tight spaces, which is why the igloo beds are gaining popularity.


Looking for beds with removable washable covers are the way forward you can just take them off and pop them washing machine. The majority of covers will come with washing instructions and pretty much all covers will be machine washable. Unless you have a really fussy cat that demands its bed to be hand washed!!!

Will My Cat Need To Get Used To The New Bed?

Cats are very cautious creatures and can often be wary of changes in their environment. You must not be disheartened if your cat doesn’t take to the bed straight away. However, it can take a while before they want to get in for a snooze therefore you must Never force the cat into the bed.

Put the new bed in the same area as their old one and keep other environment changes to a minimum. Too many changes and the suspicion meter will go off the scale, so just leave them to explore it in their own time.

If your cat is really not up for sleeping in it you could try tempting them with their favorite cat treat. Or you could try the scent technique by putting their toys in the bed to create familiar smells.

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