Tatty the Cat trapped in car engine bay on 70mph road trip

Tatty hitches a ride @ 70mph inside car engine bay

Tatty the cat has thankfully been rescued after having a snooze in a car engine bay. Unaware of the dangers Tatty went on a 70mph joyride for 4 miles to Stockton.

Tatty hung on for around 4 miles until the surprised car driver stopped at their destination in Stockton and heard Tatty meowing.

Clearly not learning from his mistake, shortly after the car stopped, Tatty ran out and sought refuge in the engine bay of another car in the carpark!

Tatty has now been returned to his owners after the wonderful RSPCA carried out an hour-long rescue.

RSPCA officer Shane Lynn said: “He was well and truly stuck behind the engine of the other car when I arrived but with the car owner’s help we managed to disconnect the battery and several electrical components under the bonnet to make just enough room for me to reach him and bring him to safety. The rescue was quite tricky.”

“Thankfully, this intrepid cat had no injuries which was quite a surprise.

“It would have been quite hot being stuck in the engine bay of a car at that speed so Tatty was very lucky.”

Shane Lynn with Tatty rescued from inside the car engine bay and reunited with his owners (RSPCA/PA)
Shane Lynn with Tatty rescued from inside the car engine bay and reunited with his owners (RSPCA/PA)

Tatty’s owners had become concerned after not seeing their pet all afternoon, it was out of the ordinary for tatty as he normally stayed inside or very close to the home.

Owner Caroline Ludlam said: “We’ve had a lot of loss in the last few years with two of our dogs and our cat was run over so I didn’t think we could handle anything else.

“He’s not used to going outside and he’s quite a shy cat so he probably just ran and hid under the car.

“We were just so relieved to have him back in one piece.”

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